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by Anonymous gave Headcorn Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Treated with respect!

I am a immune suppressed patient and when I developed a respiratory tract infection my doctor really took care to assess me each time I visited. She took into consideration that I do not like to take Antibiotics when they are not really needed but took time to explain that it was the best course of action. Staff are always courteous and treated me with respect.

Unfortunately I have witnessed some appalling behaviour from other patients.

Visited in May 2018, Posted on 27 September 2018

by Anonymous gave Headcorn Surgery a rating of 4 stars

Good care from nurses

I am not a patient but my late father was very happy with the care he received,. He was particularly happy with the care given to him by the nurses for his diabetes

Visited in May 2017, Posted on 25 October 2017